Arc Flash Survey

Arc Flash Survey

An Arc Flash Survey is a risk assessment of a workplace’s electrical system which is maintained by the company (i.e., everything after the supply transformer that you have access to) that determines Arc Flash hazards.

CS Electrical have been supporting our partners ESUK in combining our expertise in electrical safety to conduct an assessment to ensure that an organisation understands the risks their workplace poses to their team and how to protect against them. Through our partners ESUK, training can be provided to increase a team’s awareness and collectively provide options for inspections.


Why carry out an Arc Flash Survey?

How big will the bang be if things go wrong? That’s the question that an Arc Flash Survey seeks to answer. By carrying out this survey we can determine the level of danger and energy that could be present if an Arc Flash occurred and by knowing this you can adequately protect your team against the Arc Flash Risks in their working environment.

Following an Arc Flash survey, you will be able to identify areas of low risk, as well as those areas at high risk of an Arc Flash incident. This will allow you to tailor your Arc Flash protection strategy accordingly. This survey will also assess the potential severity of injury at a given distance and locate the protection boundary at which there is a high risk of second-degree burns.

Following the survey, you will be provided with a comprehensive report which details what severity of Arc Flash may occur at each point and will allow you to make an informed decision about your team’s level of Arc Flash Protective Clothing requirements. To accompany this report, all HV Switchgear, Transformers, LV Switchgear, Panels, Distribution Boards and equipment will be provided with a detailed sticker showing the Arc Flash risk allowing your employees to mitigate any potential danger.

Is an Arc Flash Survey required?

At present companies in the UK are not obliged to perform Arc Flash assessments on their sites. This is in stark contrast to the USA, where there is more awareness about the dangers of Arc Flash incidents. An Arc Flash assessment may be optional, but the positive impact on safety within a company is likely to be significant.

Following an Arc Flash accident, the HSE will be asking questions of the duty holder such as what consideration the company carried out in relation to risk to employees and Arc Flash. It is also paramount to your team’s Health and Safety in the workplace. An Arc Flash Survey is the best and most comprehensive way to mitigate risk to personnel.