Green Policy

Green/High-Performance Buildings function to reduce energy consumption while simultaneously addressing wider environmental concerns. We are at the forefront of Green innovation, prepared and capable to develop green energy solutions to fit any budget with a commitment to education, knowledge, and partnership.

Advanced Lighting Systems

Lighting is often the biggest consumer of energy in a building (Nearly 30 percent in an office building), and we have the experience and capabilities to create lighting solutions that minimize energy consumption while maximizing interior comfort. We can design and install integrated advanced lighting and daylight control systems to your building which can automatically switch unnecessary lights off or turn them down through daylight-harvesting capabilities. Energy saving lighting can be also installed such as LED and inductive lighting.

Green Deal Initiative

The Coalition Government is going to help businesses be included in the forthcoming Green Deal. Businesses will be able to apply for funding to help improve the energy efficiency of their current building.  After an assessment has been carried out, outlining which technologies will be the most effective, a business owner can apply for funding to have the installation made. The funding that will be available will be of a high value than is offered to home owners, although exact details have yet to be finalized. More details can be found here:

Waste Management

We always manage our waste responsibly, ensuring waste materials are disposed of using appropriately regulated waste disposal contractors. We ensure that our waste is minimal and materials are recycled wherever possible. We are registered as a carrier of controlled waste with the Environment Agency.

Alternative Energy Solutions

We have a wealth of experience in developing and implementing alternative/renewable energy solutions such as solar and heating technologies. Whether your goal is to minimize energy consumption or reduce energy costs, we can help you determine which technology best fits your needs, which incentives you can benefit from, and then design and install the system to suit your project and implement all of your alternative energy strategies.

Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

We recognise the impact that a business can have on the environment this is one of the benefits of our Overview system as it is paper free and reduces the travel needs of our employees. We also use recycled materials wherever possible. Our aim on contracts is to make the project carbon neutral and whenever possible sending zero waste to landfill.