Environmental Policy

CS Electrical (Sheffield) Limited recognises its responsibilities to protect the environment.

Our environmental policy and performance will be continually monitored to ensure best practice in carrying out all activities. All reasonable practical steps will be taken to meet environmental responsibilities and to continually improve our environmental, social and economic performance whilst delivering the highest achievable standards for our clients.

CS Electrical subscribes to the following;

  • To recognise relevant legislation, regulations and government guidance.
  • To meet the industry‚Äôs relevant codes of practice.
  • To minimise waste and conserve energy and natural resources.
  • Seek to reduce waste created as part of the work process.
  • To evaluate and review our environmental aspects to determine which are significant.
  • To adopt and utilise best available techniques in the application of our services.
  • The prevention of pollution.
  • To continually monitor the improvement process through management reviews.
  • To make our workforce environmentally aware and ensure that an appropriate level of competence is achieved and sustained with them.
  • Work with our clients, suppliers and workforce to help in the development of a higher level of understanding and conformance with environmental best practice.
  • This policy will be periodically reviewed in accordance with relevant statutory provisions.