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With CCTV you can easily finish up with the wrong system or paying too much. Here at CS Electrical with the benefit of our vast experience in this industry we can design, install and commission a system that will do everything that you require to the highest possible standards.

We appreciate that there are many CCTV systems for you to choose from. We however urge you to reflect that there’s a world of difference between the average system and the best.

Our equipment that we install is top of the range, that is robust, reliable and the latest specifications and software. We can install numerous systems supplied by copper cabling for short transmission distances or fibre optic cabling for over long transmission distances.

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Remote Access

All our systems have an advanced remote access facility built in. All you need is an internet connection/ suitable router and a static IP address from your internet provider.

Using this feature you can view and control your system from most remote PC, smart phone or PDA.

To ensure that you never miss an event you can also program the system to email you when motion is detected.

It is the perfect security and surveillance solution for any home or business.

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