Data Centres

Data Centres installers, data centre electrical contractors, data centre electricians

CS Electrical has vast experience in working in Data Centres having successfully delivered numerous projects nationwide for BT and Onyx Group. We have the unique abilities to be able to install the electrical infrastructure and containment as well as the copper and fibre data infrastructure.

We understand and appreciate that when working in an operational data centre, it is  unlike any other regular building site. We take time and care to ensure that the work is carried out safely and cleanly as we understand that if any live data equipment was to go offline it can cause major implications to your business.

When working in data centres we also ensure that all walls and floors are fire proofed whenever a breakthrough is necessary using the appropriate methods. We take great pride in the appearance of our cabling installations as this ensures that in the future the installation is easier to maintain and we ensure that all the cabling is always suitably mechanically protected to avoid any potential damage causing loss of data.

By choosing CS Electrical to undertake installations in your Data Centre and with the excellent standards we deliver this can only give your customers confidence that there data is safe in your hands.

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