Joint Industry Board (JIB)

CS Electrical is an accredited member of the Joint Industry Board. Most large Electrical Engineering companies are registered with the JIB and as part of that membership they should only use other JIB registered companies when sub contracting on projects, as we all have to maintain the same level of standards.


Who are the JIB

The JIB is a completely impartial organisation that sets standards, regulates relations between employers and employees, and improves the industry, its status and productivity.

Since its inception, the JIB has fostered an enviable relationship between electrical contracting companies of every size and their workforce. In setting the standards for training, competence and terms and conditions of employment, the JIB has helped its members to maintain stability in the workplace and offer employment conditions that attract, train and motivate the best operatives.

Today every company has to compete to survive. In recognising this, the JIB has developed products and services to give its company members a unique benefits package and a competitive edge against non members. This now includes significant discounts for JIB member companies and their employees on a number of services.

Who owns the JIB

The Joint Industry Board is owned and operated by the Electrical Contracting Association (ECA) and Unite the Union.

ECS Cards

The JIB ensures that all operatives working within the Electrotechnical Industry has a valid ECS card.
It’s now almost impossible to gain access to a construction site without proof of identification, your competence and qualification levels.

The ECS card solves this problem. ECS stands for Electrotechnical Certification Scheme – it’s the sole ID and competence card scheme for Electrotechnical operatives in the UK, and it’s recognised and endorsed by the industry.

Holding an ECS card means you can prove your identity, your qualified status and your occupation when working on-site. It is affiliated to the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS). So when people say that you need a CSCS card – this ECS card is the one that’s relevant to the Electrotechnical Industry.

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